Intelligent Management System

Our intelligent management system ensures that all Sinonics’ electronics are of the highest quality.

Light Guided Batch System

SMT industry intelligent light guided rack is an intelligent material storage equipment specially designed for the electronic manufacturing industry. The equipment ensures that accurate, fast and clear instructions are distributed, improving operation efficiency and reducing the occurrence of errors.

      SMD Electronics Trays                                                                Steel Mesh and Other Fixtures                                                  Tray, Tubular and Box

  SMT Intelligent Materials Racks                                            Steel Mesh Intelligent Material Racks                                             Tray Intelligent Material Racks

Intelligent Material Warehousing

SMT Production Line Side Batching Software Function

It supports BOM analysis, material batch or unique part number management, material a / b point, breakpoint and substitute material management, lean material storage management, configurable production material pull strategy, material sorting, online management and other functions.



System Security


Information statistics, query and release.




Market Application


Warehouse location model data, BOM data, material master data, supplier information


Our personally developed MES system seamlessly connects with ERP and ensures high-quality manufacturing.

From the beginning of warehousing, all material components are subject to Reel ID control, combined with the intelligent material rack system to achieve component traceability, batch management, shelf life management, first in first out, and material issuance according to the work order.

TPM management, including steel mesh management

TPM management, covering steel mesh management

Feeder Management

SMT Process Control


PCB Panel - SPI Test Data Reading - SMT Patching - AOI Test Data Reading - Appearance Inspection

The system can realize PPID traceability: work order traceability, packaging information traceability and rid traceability. All information shall be kept safely to meet any traceability requirements of customers.

Repair Product Process Control


Repair products in repair room - Scan the bar code - Maintenance - Retest

DIP Process Control


ICT Test Data Reading (in production) - FCT Test Data Reading (in production) - Appearance Inspection (in production) - Finished Product Packaging

Intelligent Production Board


The Intelligent Production Board System helps us understand the production situation clearly at a glance.




Achieving traceable production and transparent production by ERP+MES


Warehouse > SMT > SMT Inspection > AOI > MI (DIP) > ICT >FT > Coating > Inspection and Packaging


-Prevent false, wrong and mixed materials entry.

- Ensure materials first in and first out.



-Prevent feeding and refueling errors

-Corresponding product serial number and tracking material batch.



Process Control
-Record the shift and time of material and product operation

-Prevent omission of specified processes

-Prevent the outflow of defective products.


Document and Data Control

Controlled Form


-Defect report (AOI / ICT / F/T / FQA)

-Shutdown Report
-Ort test report

-FQC return handling

-Quality exception handling report

-Material exception judgment notice

-Correction and prevention handling report

-IPQC check list
-Test report

-Maintenance report

-Delivery inspection report

-Sales order

-Purchase receipt order

-Shortage replenishment order

-Purchase order

-Supplier basic data sheet

Controlled Document


-Process flow chart
-Operation specification
-Key points of operation
-Profile standard drawing
-Spare parts
-List of qualified suppliers
-Standard calibration instruction
-ICT testability analysis report
-QC flow chart

Process Quality Control