Wire Harness with JAE Connector

Wire Harness with JAE Connector

Custom-made wire harness in accordance with customer requirements. The first connector is a JAE, with 4 to 46-pin feasibility. The other side of the cable can be substituted for any other connecter as required, e.g. MOLEX 3.0 mm pitch 6pin to 24pin connectors, DELPHI or TE connector. The specification of wire we recommend is UL standard from 20 AWG to 24 AWG.




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Question: Are wire and plug both inlcuded in Sinonics' wire harness products? 
Answer: Yes, all end products contain both parts. 


Question: Are the products in stock and available immediately?
Answer: The vast majority of the products are bespoke and not in stock. Sinonics is dedicated to customise products as per the request of every different order. 


Question: Do you have a minimum order quantity?
Answer: Normally we accept orders from minimal 100 pieces. Exceptions apply to a small percentge of products. 


Question: As part of the order request, can we request the use of Molex/TE connectors and terminals? 
Answer: Of course. We will be able to customise your products by using your preferred brands of connectors and terminals. 


Question: How long shall I expect to receive the sample and the batch order?
Answer: It usually takes 2-4 weeks for a sample order and 4-6 weeks for a batch order to be produced. For delivery, it usually takes 1 weeks by air or 2-4 weeks by ocean, depending on your exact location.


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