Type-C To HDMI Male to Male Cable 4K@60Hz

Type-C To HDMI Male to Male Cable 4K@60Hz


This cable is a Type-C to HDMI cable. The length of the stock products is 2 meters.



Sinonics applies the braided nylon design for the wire and interference-free and strain relief design for the connector to ensure the user experience for customers.


Range of Application



Product Name Type-C to HDMI Cable

Nickel plating for the connector;

braided Nylon for the wire

Color Grey
Resolution Ratio 4k@60Hz

stock products 2m; 

or as per customer request



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Question: Are wire and plug both inlcuded in Sinonics' wire harness products? 
Answer: Yes, all end products contain both parts. 


Question: Are the products in stock and available immediately?
Answer: The vast majority of the products are bespoke and not in stock. Sinonics is dedicated to customise products as per the request of every different order. 


Question: Do you have a minimum order quantity?
Answer: Normally we accept orders from minimal 100 pieces. Exceptions apply to a small percentge of products. 


Question: As part of the order request, can we request the use of Molex/TE connectors and terminals? 
Answer: Of course. We will be able to customise your products by using your preferred brands of connectors and terminals. 


Question: How long shall I expect to receive the sample and the batch order?
Answer: It usually takes 2-4 weeks for a sample order and 4-6 weeks for a batch order to be produced. For delivery, it usually takes 1 weeks by air or 2-4 weeks by ocean, depending on your exact location.


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