MINI SAS36P to SFF-8087 Wire Harness

MINI SAS36P to SFF-8087 Wire Harness



SFF-8087 interface is mainly used on mini SAS 4I array card, and is used as internal SAS connection cable. SAS (Serial Attached SCSI), which is a new generation of SCSI technology, is the same as the current popular serial ATA (ATA) hard disk, which adopts serial technology to achieve better transmission speed, and improves internal space by shortening the wire length. SAS is a new interface developed after the parallel SCSI interface. This interface is designed to improve the performance, availability and scalability of the storage system and to provide compatibility with the ATA hard disk.

SAS interface technology can be compatible with the ATA. Specifically, the compatibility of the two is mainly reflected in the compatibility of the physical layer and protocol layer. In the physical layer, SAS interface and the SATA interface are fully compatible. The hard disk can be directly used in the SAS environment. In terms of interface standards, the SAS is substandard of SAS. Therefore, SAS controller can directly control the hard disk, but SAS can not be directly used in the environment of the ATA, because the SAS controller can not control the SAS hard disk; At the protocol layer, SAS consists of three types of protocols, which use corresponding protocols to transmit data according to different devices connected. The serial SCSI protocol (SSP) is used to transmit the SCSI command; The SCSI management protocol (SMP) is used to maintain and manage the connected devices; The STP is used for data transmission between SAS and SATA. Therefore, with the cooperation of these three protocols, SAS can seamlessly integrate with SATA and some SCSI devices.



Product Name MINI SAS36P to SFF-8087 Wire Harness
Length 0.5m/0.7m/1m/As per customer request
Usage Server hard disk data transmission






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